Feltface for my Wonderwall

Was going through some of the kids old toys to give away to charity and became engrossed in playing with this felt face toy. I did the only thing you can do in a situation like this and did a felt portrait of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. Sometimes the simple act of playing unlocks great parts of your brain in the creative process.

Liam Gallagher. Non-felt version

What I’ve been creatively consuming lately…

Here’s my occasional list of things I’m digging on the audio, video and written fronts. Tell me what you’re digging at the moment – would love some recommendations:



  • Succession: Despicable characters in funny, insightful tale of greed and power. Written by the genius Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show)
  • Black Mirror: Much has already been written about this inventive, brilliant dystopian show by Charlie Brooker. It is outstanding. The San Junipero episode ranks alongside any film ever made in my opinion. Finally got around to seeing the USS Callister episode with Jesse Plemons recently. A twisted, weird, inspired story worth a viewing.


  • Changeland – Really simple but beautiful story of a man who is lost in his life as he travels to Thailand. Written and directed by Seth Green, and stars an adult Macauley Culkin!
  • Cool Runnings: Watched this old classic with the kids. Still a super enjoyable, fun feel-good movie. I miss John Candy.
  • Galaxy Quest: Another one I recently watched with the kids. By Grabthar’s Hammer, this is such a funny, silly film that pokes fun at sci-fi and still has a real heart. I miss Alan Rickman.