The art of editing

This is the truth of being a writer. Writing is rewriting.


Once a year or so I return to this incredible piece by David Foster Wallace, and take the gentle reminder – This Is Water

5 second movies

I remember seeing this silly YouTube series a few years ago where films were delightfully distilled into 5 seconds or so. Found em again, and they are a delight. Titanic one below is still the one that makes me laugh the loudest.

ideas are free

Found this old sketch in my notebook of a character I created called Blockhead O’Yeah, and he was a cubist piece of art who had come to life to inspire his fellow characters. This little nugget of wisdom must have been my subconscious giving…

does your art go up to 10?

Words of artistic wisdom to live by from my son Casper! “On a scale of 1 -10 on how good your art is, it will never be a ten. There is always room for improvement. by Casper. age 8”

Werner Herzog — “the poet must not avert his eyes…”

The legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog was profiled a while back in the Guardian newspaper with a particular focus on his comedic sensibilities. Well worth a read for an insight into the mind of a quirky genius. The above video is also another classic…

every day I have the blues

It would have been my father’s 77th birthday today. He is gone almost 10 years now. I wrote this piece after BB King passed away and it is as much about my dad as it is about him. When I was a kid we…

Emerson Inspiration


It’s ok to fail. Bob Dylan said so.

A playlist of great music videos by great Irish artists

The art of music video making is alive and well in Ireland. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a selection of some exceptional videos to accompany some remarkable songs by Irish artists. Hit play and be spirited away by their brilliance.