A painting you can write on

Unearthed an old painting of mine in the attic that I love – I call it Big Bloody Copybook. A visual work that begs to have written work upon it.

The art of editing

This is the truth of being a writer. Writing is rewriting.

A handful of haikus

Many years ago I received the wonderful book The Haiku Year as a gift. It is a collection of non-traditional haikus from 7 friends (including Michael Stipe of REM) all of whom decided to write a haiku every day for a year. It is…

Big Night – A tale of culinary creativity

Many moons ago, my dad and I watched a beautiful film called Big Night, which has this remarkable food dish called Timpano as it’s centrepiece. Essentially a massive multi-layered baked pasta drum. We were so taken with it, we tried to make it together…